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The Rise and Fall of Advanced Social Journalism during the Early Twenty-First Century

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Every once in a while there comes a man, and he defines not just a generation but many generations – he defines a people. Larry David is in every one of us – whether we like it or not. We are all nervous, awkward, socially confused and annoyed several times a day. The man who brought us Seinfeld is the true model for how to live out your day or at least accept some of the feelings you have. Also on his current sitcom, Curb Your Enthusiasm, he ironically gives many helpful tips to a healthy lifestyle.
Larry David is cynical and vainl, what we all don’t want to be, but many of us are closer to him than not. He is bald and unattractive – and unfortunately in today’s society these are not good traits to have. But nobody is perfect; we all possess physical features that we don’t like and sometimes obsess over them. No matter what, we can’t avoid the fact that we truly hate some things about ourselves.
Of course in a perfect world we would not worry about these sorts of things but we are not in a perfect world – looks are important, charm is important and these things effect the way we live our and essentially how successful we can be in life.
Larry David
Larry David knows that there are some stupid and ridiculous things that go on in life and he can’t let them go. Referring to recent episodes of Curb: would you want anyone to know how often you were going the washroom? Or what do you do when you get invited somewhere and you want to get out of it because you hate the people you’re going with?
Optimists would say you should tell people how you truly feel and be comfortable with who you are no matter what. But seriously my friends, come on…
Pretty guys that write books about living a “confident and fulfilling” life say you have to appreciate what you have in life and use that to give you the confidence to accomplish great feats. However, these people are always beautiful with perfect hair, a great jawbone and a flat stomach. Larry David is the opposite; he knows what he looks like and he has to deal with it. LD also knows that situations arise where we have to act cynical or selfish and a lot people in society are assholes and sometimes we should take vengeance.
On Curb Larry David said something to the affect of “when I want to have sex with my wife, I act very nice to her.” Now this might sound like a horrible thing, but honestly, most men reading this would act the same way.
The big difference between people like Larry David and the pretty boy motivational speaker is that the pretty boy probably had sex a lot in high school and LD most likely did not. Most of us are probably somewhere in the middle – our comparison to Larry David is just as relevant to that of someone like Tom Cruise. Not every moment of the day are we going to feel like grabbing the world by the balls. Every once in while we may feel nervous or insecure.
What it essentially comes down to is the old question of is the glass “half-full” or “half-empty?” Of course, I’d love to live every moment of my life truly believing the glass is half-full but let’s not kid ourselves. If you went to someone’s house on a boiling hot day and they offered you a half a glass of tap water, what the are you going to think? Larry David probably wouldn’t be satisfied and most us wouldn’t either.


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January 23, 2008 at 9:24 pm

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  1. Hi Shane!

    Good work. I’m not a huge fan of ‘Curb’ but I know that many people are.

    Nice to hear your opinion in there! This is getting closer to blog style writing. It’s considerably different than journalistic writing so sometimes it can be difficult to dig down and find your voice in there. You’re doing well!

    A few comments:

    -Remember to check your spelling and profanity. This blog could be used as a portfolio for you for future employers.. try to keep that in mind.

    -Next time try and spice up your tone a bit, make it a bit more lively. Also, choose your focus early and work through it in an orderly fashion. This post comes off to the reader as a bit of a ramble.

    Well done! Look forward to the next one!




    January 28, 2008 at 3:02 pm

  2. Hi Shane!

    Well done on your social networking assignment! Only thing that’s missing is your delicious link. If you’re having trouble with the widget feel free to just add a link as you have with the others.

    Excellent! 8/9


    February 4, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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