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The Rise and Fall of Advanced Social Journalism during the Early Twenty-First Century

Blogging; what’s the point?

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I’ve felt rather nostalgic lately, because I’m taking this new online social journalism course and over a year ago I was sitting in a similar class writing blogs and posting articles on delicious. The classes are different but I have deja vu because between the courses I wrote hardly any blogs and posted a limited amount of articles or videos or used Web 2.0 in any way (out-side of Facebook of course).
When the first online class was finished I used my blog a couple of times – but I couldn’t get the hang of it, plus I was not being graded so I wasn’t motivated.
I do enjoy expressing my opinion – in fact I posted some of my columns from The Satellite (the Mohawk College student newspaper) on the blog I had used in class – so maybe at the end of the this course I take advantage of blogging just for the heck of it.
I see as a useful tool. I will could bookmark all the sites I use regularly and check up on them from any computer. As for Digg and Twitter I’m not seeing the point of them just yet. Everything I see those sites as capable of doing, Facebook is capable of doing and then some, not-to-mention Facebook is much more user-friendly.
As for blogs, they can be useful – depending on who writes them. I am interested in reading my friends blogs (they can blog on Facebook as well). I’ve been reading a few blogs on the American political scene lately. The reason I find the US politics blogs so fascinating is because bloggers are at caucuses and primaries and rallies and posting what is going on within seconds. As amazing as this is, it will probably be a matter of months before video can be as easily edited and uploaded.
What’s confusing and surprising is when I get a comment from a stranger on my blog. Who is reading my blog? Do people actually care what I write?
For now, I’ll put up with Digg and Twitter until the end of the course. may survive till after graduation and I’m contemplating making an effort to blog regularly over the summer.


Written by shanedantimo

February 11, 2008 at 3:52 am

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