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Why Twitter is Shit

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First off that want-a-be populist Rick Sanchez from CNN is on there – that’s enough to send any lonely narcissist running to myspace or facebook!

I just don’t get it. And I’m not alone. I have met few people (in person, call me old-fashioned) who thinks of twitter as anything more than the status update feature on FB. But the media (and the special interests!) are on this like a bit-bull on a poodle.  But who the fuck is using this thing? You just post whatever it is your doing at that moment. Who gives a shit? Plus you can do that on any social networking site AND MORE!

Now, of course I have a twitter (or twatter as my friend Colbert calls it) account for reasons out of my control. I subscribed to it as part of a journalism class and I’ve only kept up with it to criticize those who use it and wave insults at my nemeses Rick Sanchez. The CNN “anchor” is representative of the complete over-hype and yellow journalism that is drying humping the meaningless networking activity. I used the word anchor in brackets because even though I’m a young man I do remember the days when newsmen and journalists would find reliable sources and report facts about serious and interesting issues not nationally broadcast the momentary thoughts of anonymous individuals who are “following” the talentless aforementioned TV personality. 

I understand that the Internet though blogging, FB and sites like wikipedia is bringing the world together and making the processes of information and entertainment more easily attainable. But what the fuck is accomplishable by telling the other lonely hearts on twitter that you just got home from work or are taking a shit at the present moment? Maybe it’s beneficial in the business world to communicate quickly and effectively. However, don’t these Bay Street-types have blackberries and iphones with text messaging and email?

The thing that really taps my ass is the narcissistic vain idea that twitters have – they actually think people care about them. Maybe twatters have sympathy for each other, but me and the people I socialize with in the real world don’t care what everyone of our friends are doing every moment of their dreary, repetitive, uneventful lives.  Honestly, even on facebook if someone is posting too many items or updating their status too often I generously use the great feature of ‘less about’ (or what ever it’s called now on the for-some-reason loathed new facebook).

I just cannot grasp why anyone would devote as much time as thousands, possibly millions, do to this minimalist social networking activity.  You can update your status on facebook – that is the equivalent to twatting. Maybe status updates don’t carry the same purpose as twitter but at least on FB there is a plethora of features compared to twitter. And the news media is continuing to pull it self apart from reality by covering twitter as if it’s an actual, relevant, newsworthy story.  War, famine, inequality and corruption these are what should concern the masses not the ability to post your thoughts on the Internet – that is not new or revealing.

Some of you frequent twatters probably think: “why the fuck do you write shit like this, Shane? A lot of people don’t care about your opinion just like you don’t care about twitter-people!” To them, I say at least my life has meaning, at least I wrote more than a sentence to express myself and instead of using twitter I sometimes communicate with people in the old-fashioned person-to-person form and only use the Internet for what it’s really for – pornography, watching funny videos and downloading illegal movies and music, not telling everyone on the Internet that I’ve just adjusted my testicles in my computer chair. 


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March 21, 2009 at 2:15 am

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