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The Rise and Fall of Advanced Social Journalism during the Early Twenty-First Century

How can you say “I’m just saying…”?

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I’ve noticed over the last few years that many people (especially young adults) when they something derogatory, offensive, obvious or otherwise inappropriate and the person they are speaking with reacts with anything less than open arms their immediate defensive response is to utter the meaningless phrase “I am just saying….” What the fuck does that mean? Because you only said something no one should be angry with you or react to your point of view. I, Shane D’Antimo, am saying something right now and I would hope that this has purpose and that those reading this will react to it in some way.

I understand that those whom frequently use the aforementioned phrase are trying to express their surprise or shock at their adversary’s angry excitement towards their original point.  However, bringing to light that you only said something doesn’t make what you said any more wise, informed or necessary. It’s not like one could just utter “I’m just saying…blacks, Jews and other minorities are what is wrong with the world,” or on a more personal level, “I’m just saying you… you are a very unattractive, poor and uneducated person,” without getting a very heated retort. By just putting the words “I’m just saying” before your point of view doesn’t mean your expression is not going to garner some sort of response.

Furthermore, individuals that use this meaningless phrase often use it as a counter-reply to someone’s reaction; they usually don’t repeat their original statement, which of course means that they’ve already realized the stupidity of their words. What do they expect?

Idiot: “Hey friend, did you know your mother is a slut?”

Common man: “Fuck you, douche bag!”

Idiot: “Hold on a second! I’m just saying the woman that gave birth to you has sex with many different men”

Common man: “Ohh of course, than that is completely fine, and I am deeply sorry for having acted in such a regular way. I completely didn’t realize that saying something no matter how offensive or ridiculous it is should only be praised and appreciated”

I will now move on to my second complaint on contemporary human dialogue. Many in today’s society are often mistakenly using the word “how” in a question when they should be using “why.”

Often, when someone is surprised at the actions of another they don’t ask “why” they did so but instead ask “how.” This is usually incorrect.  I often get “how can you still be awake?” or “how can you not have your driver’s licence?” or “how can you take the bus everyday?” It is obvious that those who ask me these questions actually want to why or why not, not how, I do these things.

(I’d like to point out here my confusion towards everyone’s beef with sleeping in past noon.  People are always telling me I’m “missing the whole day.” What the frick is everyone doing in the early morning? Reading to the blind? Falling in love? Flying a fucking a kite? I can do that shit in the evening if I had the ambition.  Most people, if they have nothing else to do, get up, go on msn, look up pornography or watch television – god forbid I do shit like that later in the day.)

Those of you that speak something inappropriate or foolish and get an annoyed response from someone and instead of trying to explain yourself or apologize you point the obvious and answer, “I’m just saying…” without even trying to rebuttal sound like you are farting and denying it. Also, it’s not “how can you watch such a shitty movie?” Or “how can you sit on the computer all day?” it is “why are you doing these things?” By asking how you’re just inquiring into the manual movements or lack-there-of that led to what that person has done.

Please everyone, I know besides working we all just creep facebook and watch downloaded movies but let’s try and aim for a silently higher bar in the oldest remnant of human intelligence – conversation.


Written by shanedantimo

May 10, 2009 at 10:58 pm

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