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The clear difference between David Bowie and Jesus Christ

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As I’ve been raised as Catholic, not Protestant, I inevitably and inexcusably view religion, faith and the Holy Bible as utterly and inescapably boring.  I, and many other follows of the Holy See, only understand church and all its rituals as completely dull and lacking in anything that could be considered in the least bit exciting.  However, this is not a criticism of the Catholic faith or any Christian denomination in general – it is just plain fact. Religion must be boring. Exhilaration is brought about with drugs, alcohol, danger and sex. Christianity is not fond of these traits and exercises. But that is fine; there is nothing wrong with being completely monotonous. There is no denying that politics (especially Canadian politics) is so lifeless and mundane that we sometimes forget it even exists. But of course the political process is important and I personally take a great interest in it. Which makes me wonder: why is that many Christians attempt to portray the word of the lord as “cool” and even go so far as to sing and dance to music referred to as “Christian Rock”?


If there is one thing that distinctly separates Catholicism from other dominations of Christianity is that we never go as far as to try and relate to young people by pretending that what is in the Bible and preached by the faith is directly tied to rock’n’roll. I realize that rock music came out of country, blues and gospel music and many early (and still modern) musicians sing about Jesus and God. However, these same rock stars probably have had many sexual transmitted infections from countless partners of both sexes and have most likely injected into their body countless forms of narcotics. This isn’t Jesus this is rock and roll.


I can never wrap my mind around the concept of “Christian Rock”. It is, in fact, an oxymoron. Christianity cannot be rock and roll and rock and roll cannot be purely Christian. That doesn’t mean one needs to choose between the two but when you’re backstage at a rock concert it is highly unlikely your pastor would approve of goings on there. Furthermore when one is at church they will usually separate themselves from brutal vices they partake in frequently.

Maybe it is a completely personal issue for me. Baptized, educated and confirmed within the Catholic faith, I never understood “church youth groups” or when people would tell me that their church is “fun.” Religion is important but there is nothing fun about it, especially to anyone between the ages of 13 and 25. Young people are just beginning to experiment with different forms of sexual arousal and artificial contentment. There is little room for doctrine in a young person’s mind. Jesus is very far from the house parties where you vomit in front of everyone and someone else looses their virginity to a guy twice their age. That is rock’n’roll and trying to connect that with Jesus is obviously impossible.

Of course, at this point in my life I am very much agnostic. However, I still appreciate faith, especially Christianity. However, I still appreciate faith, especially Christianity. In this day-and-age religion is constantly criticized and chaffed. But I would argue for the importance of faith in one’s life and I do not deny that there has been and will continue to be moments when I turn to God and Jesus for security and enlightenment. But like many inside and outside any organized religion I realize a lot of what I do to be incredibly distant from what Christianity preaches. I would not try and link some of the best Saturday nights of my life with the sermon on Sunday morning. They are simply two different worlds that co-exist separately from one another. One is cool and one is boring but both can be exceptionally necessary. Dreadlocks, cocaine and premarital sex are on one side and getting up early on Sundays, robes, and clean-cut hair dues are on the other.


Written by shanedantimo

May 18, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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