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The final word on MJ

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All right, take it easy and sit back… I’m about to give you some news that you’re probably aware of unless you’ve been in a mescaline stupor or have been brutally and violently kidnapped. Here it is: Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and performer of such hits and as “Heal the World” and “Scream” has been pronounced dead from cardiac arrest OK…let that sink in.

Unfortunately, the first thing that most people (and me included) thought of when news of MJ’s unexpected death came about is that he was accused of child molestation. We all jumped to the obviously negative and arguably more publicized aspects of his life. I believe this is unfair to the spirit of the King’s existence and is hypocritical of all us because we all know, deep down, that at at least one point in our lives we really loved and listened to his music.

Let’s first attack the elephant in the room. Michael Jackson was accused on more than one occasion of child rape. He was trialed, but never convicted. He admitted to sleeping in the same bed with children, but it was never proven that he molested a minor. Whether he is guilty of these horrendous crimes is very much up for debate. Many people since these allegations came about in the early 90s, and more recently over the last few days, have expressed their devout conviction that MJ is, in fact, a child rapist. However, these people don’t seem to hate him for it like they would a regular suspected pedophile. I believe this is because we find it ironically entertaining that Michael Jackson could be a child rapist. How many jokes have been made about Wacko Jacko and little boys’ penises? If he did actually sexually abuse a young boy isn’t it a tad insensitive to make a joke out of it? Of course I’m as guilty as all of you for laughing at those numerous puns about peepees and “Beat it.” However, there is very little evidence for the common man to support the stance that MJ was a pedophile, nevertheless, we are all entitled to our opinions and I don’t dismiss the probability that the King of Pop could have molested children.

Although, to pay Peter to kill Paul I’m going to through shit at the fan and say that just because you’re mentally ill or significantly space-cadet-weird that doesn’t mean you would want to rape a child. Michael Jackson was defiantly messed but I would give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest that he did not commit the crimes he was accused of just because he was odd. MJ did not have a childhood; he was brutally abused as child and the rigors of fame would be grueling on anyone. It is not improbable that the King attempted to relive his childhood in his adult live. This would explain sleepovers with children and the Neverland Range. To us this shit is weird, but to someone that has been dramatized and abused this would not seem to be inappropriate behaviour.

Why we all watched so closely the horrendous accusations made against MJ in the later part of his career is due to contemporary society’s obsession with celebrityism. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. OJ Simpson was popular only in some circles, yet because he might have murdered someone we fucking gobbled that shit up. Every one of us grew up on Michael Jackson. He was the biggest thing in the world in the early nineties. To have this man accused of doing something horrible is like sweet chocolate cake to the masses. It could not be more perfect that one of the biggest names in music, or entertainment in general, could be at the very least mentally disturbed or at the very worst a pedophile. Consequently, he may be more remembered for is image in the public eye in recent years than for the music he produced when we were young.


There is a reason why Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time: it’s fucking fantastic. Every track, especially the classics, are remarkably catchy and impeccably mixed and produced by Michael and the great Quincy Jones. Also, the video for “Thriller” scared the shit out of us as kids and blew open the door for music videos to come. Michael Jackson, himself, would become the most influential person in pop music for the last quarter of the 20th century and up till now. A plethora of top 40 hits since the King was big have been modeled off him. Even currently, where would Timberlake or Kanye West be without MJ? These artists, along with many others took more than a few pages from the Great One’s book.

I am certain that many of you couldn’t agree with me more. All of us like his music. He was weird, no doubt, but that doesn’t make his music any less sick. If he were definitely a pedophile than I would question if we should honour his music.  In reality only Michael and the kids that accused him know what really happened.  It is suffice to say that the tabloids and TV news drew their own conclusions.

The media loved portraying him as a reclusive, timid, nutcase. However, some of the samples the news latched to weren’t as harmful as we were meant to believe. When MJ held his baby out the window, many of us busted a tabloid nut. He gave us what we wanted – an aspect of his private life; in this case, his child – and we made it into something to add to the pile of things we love/hate about the King. He obviously wasn’t going to drop the kid, everyone’s father throws their invent child in the air for fun. And the interview that Brit had with MJ a few years back was less than an in-depth conversation about music and dance moves but an attempt to garner ratings and profit through splicing hours of footage to portray MJ as a purely insane and odd figure. It goes without saying that the King of Pop was disturbed and strange but that does not necessarily mean he is automatically a pedophile. But when many of us saw him climbing that tree we all drew the ignorant conclusion that if he is messed up enough to think he is a child than he is messed up enough to have sex with a child.

What does give me pause is that a young boy was able to describe MJ’s penis to a tee. I don’t just find this disturbing because it means Michael could have behaved inappropriately but because it puts the image of Michael Jackson’s penis is my mind.  And to call a spade a spade, I don’t know how accurately I could even describe my own penis or presumably any penis I would have witnessed while being sexual abused. In less MJ has a very unique genitalia than this is somewhat a moot point.

I know that a lot you are getting sick of hearing about Michael Jackson and quite frankly, I am as well. So maybe you shouldn’t have read this blog, or in protest you should try turning off the TV, but I hope you’re reminded of how sick his music was and that only in the court of law can someone be convicted of a crime not on TV news or tabloid papers.  Regardless of whether the King of Pop was a horrible human being or not we all got a great kick out of him. If he did rape little children, than a quite many comedians and disk jockeys have benefited from those kids’ unfortunate abuse. It is sad if MJ is innocent because we’ll remember him for being guilty and it is even sadder if he is actually guilty because we’ve laughed at so many MJ/pedophile jokes. However, this humble blogger that grew up on the King of Pop is not afraid to admit that his shit was awesome. I would hope that there is some semblance of society’s gross intake of pop culture that allows for a differentia between strangeness and pedophilia and public image and talent.  



Written by shanedantimo

June 29, 2009 at 1:03 am

2 Responses

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  1. i am so upset… why did he have to die??!

  2. “All of us like his music”

    No. You are a shitstain.

    His music was supercilious drivel that lacked lyrical depth, much like your long winded musings.

    piss off

    July 10, 2009 at 2:33 am

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