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The Uncircumcised Dick

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I’m not going to get into too much detail but let us just say that if you’ve experienced the indefinable euphoria of engaging in sexual intercourse with yours truly than you may have noticed my parents choice to not exercise a meaningless, ancient and rather barbaric ritual on my genitals.

There is literally (and figuratively) a lot of push and pull on the circumcision debate. My interpretation, as a heterosexual male with little experience with naked men (however with much inquest on the subject), is that it is a strong hypothesizes to assume most men are cut below the waste. Nevertheless, there is little in contemporary medical science that advocates for removal of the foreskin. It is quite unique that such a graphic and professional surgery is still exercised.

You circumcised guys may have a better-looking dick but society is doing this for virtually no reason what so ever. Thousands of dicks are having a significant part of themselves removed everyday just because it’s what we do – that’s kind of fucked.

Guys that have had the imaginably incredibly painful procedure preformed on them would argue (and quite rightfully so) that it “looks” better. And I can attest that many young women feel the same way. Furthermore, I don’t know how many particularly picky and eccentric girls these sons of Abraham look-a-likes are having sex with but I will further attest, and even go as far to contend, that in my plethora of historic experiences with females of all stripes, colours and cultures I have yet to meet one girl that refused sexual contact based on the look of my penis.

Woman (whose name will soon escape me) after first viewing uncircumcised member: “Hold on a second. You’ve been feeling me up for fifteen minutes and I almost reached climax just from dry-humping but I’ve only had five shots of tequila and eight Vexes – I am nowhere near drunk and unattractive enough to fool around with a guy whose foreskin has not been removed.”

A little side bar here: I don’t want any Semites or Hebrews to take offence to this article of intelligence. I am by no means criticizing any religions practices however meaningless, unnecessary and discriminatory they may be – I will save that for another blog. Dually noted that culturally speaking I have noticed that many Catholic Europeans or their decedents do not have their children circumcised. And to take this shit one step further it is moderately conclusive to assume that the decision to circumcise a baby boy is based on the appearance of the father’s dick. No dad wants his son to see him naked and furthermore would dread explaining why the head of his shlong looks different than his kid’s.

What makes this outrageous is for at least many decades or possibly centuries young men’s dicks have a good piece of it removed based on ritual. If the father has had it performed the son will as well. And to all of you uncircumcised readers you will agree with me that at one time or another you’ve been in the shower and looked down at your fore-skinned cock and thought: “How the FUCK can they that cut that off?!”  You probably don’t remember when it was performed, my circumcised brothers, but let me tell you this – it hurt and it was virtually pointless.

A lot circumcised men are, in fact, socially ANTI- uncircumcision (if there is such word).  It’s like they feel as if we should go and get an adult procedure done to look like them. I will predict that this blog will get a lot of hate responses. That’s right; I am calling it a hate crime to mock, ridicule and discriminate against men with turtleneck penises. We’re a set – we’re a group. The outrageous accusations from anti-uncircumcision bigots already fits the profile of hate speech: they say we are lazy, unclean, spread deceases, rape their women, take jobs from hard-working circumcised men, think we’re the best dancers, part of a conspiracy to rule the world and should have our own schools. All of which are untrue and based upon hearsay. The unclean/decease friendly argument is obviously the most kife. While we enter the second decade of the millennium there is very little medical advocacy for circumcision. God-forbid you have to pull back your foreskin and clean the head of your dick (there’s an image) while you wash the rest of your body in the shower. Are we led to belief that those of us who are uncircumcised clean every square inch of our body EXCEPT the most important inch at the end of our penis?

I have already agreed that the circumcised dick is commercially more appealing but only because it is the status quo. The majority of smut actors are helmet heads and some (with careful inspection) appear to have had part of their dick cut off recently.

Moreover, according to Kramer on Seinfeld it makes sex more pleasurable to have your penis o’naturale. Which makes sense because it wouldn’t see the light of day unless you had a boner. This is somewhat of a moot point for me because I would assume it means I would probably last longer than my standard 2.5 minutes in bed if my penis were not particularly sensitive.

This blog is risky. It could mean the anti-poon for me. By broadcasting the visuals of my reproductive organ some would argue I have lost any chance I may have had at future sexual intercourse with a woman. While this may come as a shock to all of you this would have little or no effect on my sex life.  For those that believe having an uncircumcised dick lowers your chances of getting laid that would mean the possibly of me being with a woman has gone from zero to negative. So I guess that means I’m going to fuck a man now because my parents didn’t get my foreskin removed when I was a baby.


Written by shanedantimo

September 2, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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  1. ……….. . . . Jews who believe that circumcision should be against the law.

    Jews for the Rights of the Child

    The Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 2

    Jewish Voices: The Current Judaic Movement to End Circumcision: Part 1
    . . . .

    Jewish Intactivist

    August 9, 2011 at 2:24 am

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