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Masturbation: the blog

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I got up today, thought about masturbation – didn’t do it though. Which is surprising considering it is masturbation. You see it doesn’t take much motivation to jerk off, in fact it is the opposite of motivation, it is un-ambition.  No reason is needed – it is just done. I am speaking of course of primarily male self-induced pleasure; I have no semblance of any idea of how women operate – that is a complete and under mystery to me. As for the act as it is performed by men I am compelled to argue that autoerotism is a slothful and graphic practice. At worst, I believe, it brings out the laziest in us, not the desperate and depraved but the slothful.

As I said men don’t need a reason to jerk off, they just do it. I can’t remember the last time I pleasured myself because I was turned on by something prior to having my pants off. One just finds himself with nothing to do and no desire to do anything that takes considerable concentration so thus the only activity that guarantees pleasure and has inarguable great appeal is to bring oneself to sexual climax.  And with the innovation of the World Wide Web there is really no excuse to NOT masturbate when it happens cross one’s mind in the privacy of one’s home. I’m not sure of the actually statistics but I can hypothesis that pornographic sites are the most heavily trafficked organizations on the net outside of social networking sites.  Nobody writes their effin tweet name or video channel on a men’s room wall, it is notably fornication websites that get considerable attention (albeit homosexual pornography is among those illustrated).

The only real down side to masturbation, I believe, is that it is incredibly slothful. No one jerks off and than runs a marathon. You’ve pretty much set the bar for the level of activity in your day when after you flush the Kleenex down the toilet you realize it’s only 11:30 in the morning.

One thing that I find incredibly amusing is that you can be so horny and so into smut while masturbating but immediately afterwards you want nothing to doing with anything related to penis & vagina. Isn’t it weird that directly after ejaculation the object of your desire takes a complete 180? You can still be naked, just finished jerking off, and you look up at the computer screen and see the vagina in a totally different way. Before it was like: “that’s great! the money shot!” and two seconds later you’re thinking: “it’s kind of weird looking eh?”

What can really give you nightmares and put yourself in a heavily disturbed mood is the horribly bad timing of when you find yourself masturbating over porno and just when you reach the pinnacle it goes to a shot of the smut dude’s intense and almost angry face! Ahhhh! It is like for a few seconds you’re actually gay! I’ve read that this happening to you and/or getting a boner on the toilet can make you a de facto homosexual.

The only thing worse than jizzing while staring into a man’s eyes is while you are attempting to orgasm the pornography you were getting off to takes a weird turn for the worst. For the first minute thirty you were viewing it the smut was just the usual in/out amateur shit you usually see on youporn and all of a sudden a man’s asshole is fingered or a weird device is brought in and used out of nowhere. What the fuck man! I’ve unexpectedly viewed shit even worse than what I’ve mentioned while I was trying to get my shit done. There should be some kind of a warning or better categorization for this freaky porn.

One thing I always wonder is who are the people that post these sex tapes? If the people in the videos are the ones posting them then more than a few of these people are into some messed up shit and don’t care who knows it. It’s one thing to post a video of you fucking (I personally don’t understand why someone would even possess a recording of themselves having sexual intercourse in the first place) but who in their right mind would want people to know that they, as a man, use some kind of electronic device on their orifices? And where are the women in online porn coming from? Do the girls that get fucked all over the Internet have day jobs? Do they do customer service for a telecommunications company in between cum shots? I mean, how do you look yourself in the mirror if that’s what you do for a living or at the very least willingly participate in? What do they tell their parents? When they see their relatives at Christmas and they’re asked the routine question of “what have you been up to?” Do they run off all the inter-racial gangbangs they’ve been apart of?

The whole system of Internet pornography has opened up so many new and amazing things. One day we will tell our kids that there was time when you had to PAY to see people fuck by renting a video at an adult book store or going to an underground strip club. One thing I’ve noticed from being engulfed in pornography for so many years is that there are a lot of guys out there fucking a lot of different women and I am definitely not one of these lucky dudes. But hey, there is nothing else better to do on a Saturday afternoon than watch people have sex.


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  1. Yea…

    The weird thing is: After watching some kind of hardcore video, and seeing and hearing all the insane things the woman does, and then shortly after, you walk through a mall or any other area where woman are plentiful.

    Imagine you pass by a girl in the mall who had just 45 minutes ago been double penetrated by a number of guys… You would never even know. God forbid you say something sexual. You will be looked at like a villian and maybe even slapped in the face. Yet, 45 minutes prior that girl was getting donkey slapped with a gong in her mouth.

    Sex brings out a certain kind of multiple personality disorder.


    September 28, 2009 at 9:27 pm

  2. I have to agree and found this very interesting 🙂

    Cornelia Francios

    January 29, 2010 at 9:31 am

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