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Happy Holidays aka Go Fuck Yourself

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“Happy Holidays” is one of the most derogatory, offensive, racist, phrases I have ever heard and I am appalled at its regular use in this country and at this time of year. This is a Christian country. It says nothing in the constitution about secularism, multiculturalism, democracy or tolerance. If I am at work I should not be told what to do and say. For the first time in the history of Christianity the Godliness of this religious season is waning.

The people who founded this great nation of ours were Christians. They came here (some with slaves), allowed white male landowners to vote and accepted bribes – all in Jesus’ name, and that’s what counts. When it came time to write a constitution they made sure that the words multiculturalism, democracy and liberty were absent and that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were abundant.

Everyone and their mother are now being told that they can’t say “Merry Christmas” under any circumstances what so ever. I’ve heard shocking stories of people actually being paid to do and say things while their at work – this goes against the capitalist principles that have created our completely egalitarian and equal society.

Every Christmas season the profits of major companies sky rocket because white people are buying gifts for the poor. And only moderately paid adult foreigners make all those toys because we Christians would not contribute to something that exploits cheap, unhealthy and dangerous labour.

On Christmas morning children awake to find the gifts Jesus of Nazareth and his twelve elf-disciplines have brought from the North Holy Land. They are laid underneath the decorated evergreen coniferous cross of Christ. And after that the majority of the country eagerly and enthusiastically runs off to church – like they do each and every Holy Day.

Thus this is and always will be a Christian country and a Christian holiday…actually what I’ve just explained is complete bullshit. Jesus died two thousand years ago and white Christian males have been beating his dead corpse ever since. The moneylenders are still in the temple and they are there in the ignorant name of God.




Written by shanedantimo

December 18, 2010 at 6:23 pm