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“I Don’t Have A Log”: A Christmas Blog Post

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They say the Saturday before Christmas is the second busiest day of the season but I didn’t give a fuck about that. I was concerned with this spirit or true meaning. I had captured it before and wanted it to return. There is a reason why Byng Crosby, Elvis Presley and so many others dreamed of a White Christmas. This is the only time of the year when snow is truly enjoyable by all – actually craved. But do to the supposed myth of global warming there’d been hardly anything white yet and probably only slush to come in Southern Ontario this winter. If the spirit can’t be found in the weather then one looks toward music (carols) or movies. But well these all-familiar mediums brought cheer they couldn’t bring me to the nostalgic obsession I had had in the previous years.

When you’re a kid Christmas is truly magical. You want the presents and the days off school are fantastic. Time is slower when you’re younger so the weeks of holiday from the redundancy of public education feel like a wonderful eternity. This is juxtaposed with the memory of winter in the early 90s having snow during the late fall and early winter. As an adult this adolescent euphoria unfortunately fades. However a kindling of this spirit always remains. The practising of the holiday traditions unique to one’s own family seems to make Christmas right. And there lays the paradox of the Yuletide. It would not be the celebration of Christ’s birth if you didn’t flip out vulgarly and angrily at atleast several family members over the period of Christmas Eve to News Years day. Furthermore, in an ironic way it wouldn’t be the holidays if you weren’t incredibly piss drunk and pissed off at a kin over something as trifling as gift wrapping.

Coming back home to the reluctantly enjoyable family experience is a for sure way of putting you in the Christmas spirit. However this year (the first in four) I had already been here for several months. The spirit had not even crept up on me and I could not quite grasp it despite attempts. But then on the eve of the Christmas’s eve eve I had been stuffing myself full of food and cookies provided for us proletariat as a meagre gift by our Scrooge-ist bosses to make them vainly feel Tiny Tim had been saved.  At the same time I had snuck in some cheap wine and sipped it on my very long bus ride home in the late hours.  Someone recently had told me of their preference for Harry Bellefonte Christmas songs for his emphasis on quietness and melancholy. As I walked past the city hall tree with a can of wine in hand, listening to “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” it hit me! Of course it is so corny and prototypical – it has to be! The Christmas spirit isn’t something abstract and it’s so vast that there’s always something new yet traditional to the experience.

Commercialism, alcoholism, family feuds, religious bigotry, and even now environmentalism, all become obvious in their most wonderful and positive glory during the holiday season and a few weeks a year is not close to enough to experience what Jesus, Santa, Shopping Malls, Eggnog and Malcoulay Culkin has to offer – there’s always something new, yet typical, to enjoy!


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December 23, 2012 at 6:44 am

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